Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Ok, someone forgot to tell Mother Nature we have training on our bicycles to do. Rain for days on end and snow in the forecast! What's up with that!?

I'm sure some of our riders are out there (DANIELLE!! You have been, haven't you!?) but this is not bicycle weather for me. I also have heard it's the year of the "dog" - watch out for the mutts out there. And wear your helmet, right Dave!?

I am getting excited about our team party on the 18th. Steve will be in Mexico (yeah, let's all feel for him, can we!?) so I'll be a singleton that night. I even got a sitter! Whoohooo. I'm hoping to stop at Velo-City Cycles to grab a t-shirt beforehand as well! Kind of nice we are right next door for the party.

So, I've got the JDRF West Michigan Ride website all up to date. If anyone wants to see what this Ride thing is all about, check it out. http://www.jdrfwestmichigan.com/ride/ride.html. There is a page of our riders (with donation links!), and a calendar of our training rides and fund raising events and lots more info!


Tom and Mary Scheidel said...

How about a counter so we can see how many hits this page gets?

Nicole said...

Maybe I'll come and be your date, Katie.