Thursday, April 19, 2007

life with diabetes

I thought this was an interesting story... might help some of you with no diabetes connection relate or have "ah-hah" moment. This story takes place on any given Thursday morning, when husband is out of country for work.

I have to be to work at 8a, so there is the "time crunch" in effect. Get girls up, get them moving. Come on girls, get dressed. Pick out your clothes, let's get moving. Come on girls, help me out here. And Ellie, age 6 (who has diabetes), is just being a little meanie. She's picking on Anna (age 5). She's not listening. So, I leave the room to take the garbage out to the street by saying... "you girls better be dressed by the time I get back" (you know, real threatening)

I come back, and Anna, who is almost dressed, is across the room complaining that Ellie was messing with her. Ellie is laying on the floor doing nothing. Nothing at all. Still in PJs, staring at me. So, I start in... yelling about how she said she'd help me in the morning, she'd be a big girl, this is not a big girl. Blah, blah, blah. She still just sits there.

I grab the meter, and say the infamous words of a parent with a child with diabetes: "you better hope you are low"

She was 50. (normal is 80 - 120) UGH. So, three scoops of frosting later to raise her blood glucose level... she finally can help me get her dressed and out the door we go.

Just thought I would share a "in the life of a parent of a child with diabetes" moment. Diabetes stinks. So, if you are riding with the team, or supporting a rider or donating: Thanks for doing what you do (so in the future I can just yell at my kids and not have to worry about behavior because of low blood sugar ;-). I appreciate it.


Chad said...

Great Post. I can relate. My six year old son was diagnosed about a year ago. We're always wondering, "is he being obnoxious, or is he just 'low'?" That is the question.

I'm also part of the West Michigan JDRF Ride Team. What must one do to contribute to this blog?

Katie said...

Chad - email me. I'm sure if I dig deep enough into one of my stacks of papers laying around my house i can find your email address.
Any rider on the West Michigan team is welcome to blog with us.