Friday, April 6, 2007

Hey Guys!

Coach MC here, bound and determined to quash all the rumors that those plaid shorts that someone (Nicole?) Photo-Shopped onto me in that picture actually exist! (She made me look fat too!)

Anyway..........I just wanted to say that I am honored and humbled to be allowed to share this experience w/ each and everyone on the team. We're gonna have a blast this season (if it ever warms up!) and I can't wait to meet and ride with everyone! Welcome back to all of our alumni and welcome to all the new team mates that we haven't met as yet! I hope to meet a bunch of you @ the big Team Kick-Off Party here in Holland on 4/18 and don't forget that our 1st Team Training Ride is Sunday 4/15 in GR! (I'll have details as to where and when soon, but it'd be safe to assume a 2:00PM start time). I'll send out an e-mail on Monday w/ the scoop and post it here on the Blog too.

Again, welcome to the team! This is an awesomely cool thing that you've decided to become a part of and we're glad that you're along for the ride!



Katie said...

Katie doesn't ride her bike until it gets WAY warmer. 10-day forecast says it will be 52 degrees on the 15th. Count on whimpy Katie not being there until the after-ride snacks! It has rain forecasted too.

Nicole said...

I only wish those shorts had been a figment of our imaginations. No Photoshopping skills utilized this time. Really.

Mike, I heard rumors that Velo City is going to be carrying polka dot, paisley, and leopard print shorts this season. Sign me up.