Sunday, April 15, 2007

Team Ride Report, 4/15/07

Well, the 2007 West Michigan JDRF Ride to Cure Team's season is well-and-truly underway! After a week of gloom-&-doom weather forecasts the sun came out, the temps clawwed their way into the 50 degree range and the ride was on! 9 intrepid cyclers met near the west end of the White Pine Trail and rolled up to the end o' the pavement and back, w/ a quick stop in Rockford on the return leg for ice cream, some of which was tested out by yours truly as a function of my coaching duties. (I didn't's my job!)
Attending the ride today : Sarah Andro, Ted Bentley, Mary Schiedel, John Jasker, Jeff Wert, Kevin Owens (today's sole new teammate!!!), Derrick Dykstra and your reporter, accompanied on the big orange machine by my wife and past-and-future Ride Support Person Linda. We enjoyed the tail wind on the return trip and the sunshine for most of the ride. We missed you!

No crashes, flat tires, faux pas or bad jokes to report...for better or worse.

Next stop on the JDRF World Tour is the Kick-Off Party this Wed @ The New Holland Brewery here in holland. You'll be getting a reminder call early next week 'cuz you're not gonna wanna miss it! New Holland is a Team Sponsor and they're settin' us up w/ food and we'll have door prizes too! I'll also have Training Ride Schedules and details and a Training Manual for you to pick up. (Fear not.....they'll be in the mail next week if you can't make it!) You'll also have a chance to meet your Team Mentor as they have been chosen for the season. If you are gettin' the impression that we really hope to see you are correct!

Next Team Ride is scheduled for 5/13, let's keep thinkin' Spring!

Coach Mike

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Katie said...

I'm SOOO bummed I missed the ride. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. I tried all of my possible sitters and came up empty handed. Steve is off to Mexico and enjoying the 90 degree weather. So, instead of riding... I weeded the garden. It's all good.

Looking forward to seeing you on Wed. night. Sitter is already lined up. :-)