Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Big Weekend Comin' up! Are you ready for it?

Hey Team! I missed you guys while I was out wanderin' around in the desert! (No, really...I did! A little bit anyways.)

Thanks to DD for takin' care of my Post-Ride he said I was in the van out on that lonesome road from Sunday night 'til Monday afternoon. We had a great ride from Townsend Park that day...........a good route from my buddy Jim, a decent turn-out.....great post-ride snacks. (If you haven't heard about Derek's baklava by now.................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Anyway.............the point of this post was the future, not the past. We have lotsa cool Team stuff comin' up this weekend and I wanted to make sure that everyone's in the loop. Read on!

Friday, 5/16 - Okay, it's mebbe not an OFFICIAL JDRF thing...but my band's playin' @ The New Holland Brew Pub and it'd be cool to see you there. Music goes from 7-10pm, there's no cover and the place is smoke free.

Saturday, 5/17 - Yoga For Cyclists Fundraiser Event in Saugatuck. This one's a "twofer"! Learn a buncha cool-and-oh-so-helpful yoga stuff AND help support your teammie Brian Bowe! Time is 6:00pm, place is the Satya Yoga Center (3385 Blue Star Highway, Saugatuck) and there will be refreshments afterwards. (My guess is that the odds of some of us goin' out afterwards are pretty dang good as well!)

Sunday, 5/18 - Team Training Ride hosted by the Scheidels! 40 miles. From their place in Rockford @ 1:00pm.

Man................does this Team have it going on or what!?!?

I hope to see you guys at one or more of these deals this weekend!


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Katie said...

Hold onto your bike shorts everyone... I'll actually be at the Team Ride on Sunday. Steve won't be making it, he'll be heading to Vegas for "work".

See you then.

We are going to try to hit New Holland tomorrow night at 7p to see you Coach.