Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gaging Interest...

So, one of the fun things I did over the winter was convert a clunky hybrid bike into a somewhat less clunky cyclocross bike, and I've been having a hoot of a time going down dirt roads that I barely
even notice when I'm on my road bike. I'm wondering if anyone else might be interested in doing a little exploring of the back roads in northern Muskegon and southern Oceana counties, not as an
"official" team ride, but just as an excuse to get together and go out looking for seasonal roads and the like. 'Cross bikes or mountain bikes would be best; there's enough loose sand that a road bike
would have a tough time, but there wouldn't be any other reason not to ride one.

So, like, lemme know, OK?


Nicole said...

Anytime I'm up there, I'm game. I even got myself a mountain bike that's better fit for cruisin' that kind of terrain now.

club-velo said...

Dood...........I'm ALL ABOUT the dirt! Ridin' on dirt roads is my favorite kinda riding of all!

I am so there!

When? Huh? When?!?!?!!


Tom & Mary Scheidel said...

I've still got the mountain bike I originally planned to ride in Death Valley. (What was I thinking?) So I'm game, depending on the date.


ZipMike said...

I'd be interested. I love that kinda stuff. Ex- BMX racer here. I've got a Schwinn Mesa that's just begging for me to ditch the tricycle for a while.
I'd prefer a route between you and Mike to keep the cost of getting there down (I'm in NE Allegan County.)

ceningolmo said...

I'd be down with some dirt road explorin'!!!

Let me know...I'm looking for a ride this Sunday.