Monday, May 12, 2008

The first annual Family Fun Day was an amazing success. It was a beautiful day and everyone in attendance enjoyed walking or riding the trail and bidding on the auction items. We collected over $1500 on Saturday with many more donations still being collected. We had both participants and volunteers who are currently battling this disease and as I spoke with them, I learned about how many more are affected by this disease in the community.

The Family Fun packs for the Poker walk were a hit because of the gifts, including food certificates, sports bottles, merchandise discount cards and JDRF bracelets included in the packet. Even with five draws from the decks of cards, the winning hand was a pair of Aces.

Our registration information showed that participants were drawn to the event via the many media sources including Posters at local merchants, local and regional Newspaper articles, live Radio interview, Television activity postings and even Signs posted on the day of the event.

The Silent auction was the second highlight of the event, while sipping coffee or water, the bidding heated up as the time was about to expire. With over 50 auction items, everyone got in on the bidding. The bike which was auctioned and the tag-a-long received a lot of interest.

Thank you to the all who supported this event and we hope to see you at the next Family Fun Day.


ZipMike said...

Excellent Chris! Glad to hear that it worked out well for you!

Tom & Mary Scheidel said...

Congrats Chris.

Katie said...

Nice work on the fund-raising. Sounds like fun was had by all.