Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A new rider....

We have a new addition to our Ride family. Introducing Hazel (little sister of Sophie). Hazel joined the team on Saturday, May 24th.

We look forward to riding with you Hazel.

Congrats to Sarah, Ted & Sophie.


Katie said...

She is SOOOO cute! We are so happy for you guys.

Ellie & Anna told everyone they knew that Sophie was a big sister on Sunday(irregardless of the fact that none of the people knew who Sophie was).

Nicole said...

What a cutie pie. I knew being your child, she would come out smiling like that. :)

I know she's teeeeeeeeny tiny, but any chance she's already asked mom and dad for a mini-field trip to Coach Mike's on Sunday to meet her extended JDRF family for a bit? If not yet, maybe later this summer for some chips-and-salsa fun with the team.

Can't wait to give you all big hugs. Congratulations!

ZipMike said...

Hey! Congratulations! Glad to hear that everyone's doing well.

Tom & Mary Scheidel said...

Adorable, just like Mom and Dad.

club-velo said...

She looks a lot like Ted..........but there's plenty of time for her to grow outta that!

Seriously....she's bee-yoo-ti-ful and the Holland Clark clan is estatic for you guys!

Ride on!