Sunday, May 4, 2008

OK, since Coach MC is rumbling westward with a couple of mountain bikes lashed to his covered wag-o-van, I'm drafting myself to give a quick accounting of the day's team ride.

In attendance were:

Sarah and Lorna M. (Lorna's pretty much wrapped up the Youth Awesomeness award)
Tom and Mary S.
Maggie D., joining us for her first team ride
Mike H. (aka Trikin' Mike)
Linda and Scott T. and/or P. (dang hyphenated names!)
Jack C.
John J.
The One and Only Carmen H.
Coach Mike (physically, at least; mentally, he's mostly already in Moab)
and Me, the did.

We did roughly 34.5 miles through the Cannonsburg/Rockford area, in weather that was rather better than predicted (if a skoosh breezy). We had the usual assortment of calorie-replenishment goodies post-ride.

Next team ride is on the 18th from Tom and Mary's house in Rockford - we'll email out maps. In the interim, there are a couple of fundraiser events: on the 10th is the Family Fun Day from 9am to 1:30pm at the Cannon Township Office, and on the 17th is Yoga for Cyclists - we'll get more info on that as soon as possible.

Happy riding!

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ZipMike said...

It was a beautiful day, good friends. I think I've had enough of the Northern Kent County hills for a while! And why, why did they insist on putting all those stop signs at the bottom of 'em?!
It was good to see the new faces and some I haven't seen in a while. And wow, Carmen hasn't slowed a bit!