Friday, May 23, 2008

Fun-Raiser Ride this Sunday!

Just wanted to let everyone know about the May "Fun-Raiser" Ride from my shop this weekend. It's the "Dessert Ride"..........which simply means that afterwards we will be replacing spent carbs via direct application of various cookies, cakes and such to the mouth.

Time is 2:00pm.
Distance is 40-ish miles w/ a shorter option.
More the merrier...........there will be several groups.

Hope to see you! Otherwise....the next "official" Team Ride* is @ my house on 6/1.


*You can tell that it's official - it's capitalized!


club-velo said...

There was a significant JDRF presence @ the shop ride today....

John Jasker
Brian Bowe
Carmen hannah
Sara Meinke
Lorna Meinke
Ross Schueller and
me-own-self were all present and accounted for in the midst of 25-35riders.

I dare say that we held our own in the all-important post-ride dessert consumption contest as well! Sunday! Team Traininbg Ride and Fajita Bash @ my place. Your family, youth ambassadors and all JDRF folks are invited!

Ride @ 1:00pm
Eats from 5:00-ish on.


did said...

Well, I'm ever sorry to miss those, but, dang, that's like 4 gallons of automotive evian to get there and back.

I did get out, though, and had some goodness - my first flat in, like, 1500 miles happened right in the parking lot of the White Lake lighthouse, and so I got to change a tire sitting by the side of the channel, in the sun, while seven kitesurfers zoomed back and forth out on Lake Michigan. Never has a tiny piece of glass brought me such goodness.

Incedentally, that flat happened to the tire and tube that I put on the morning of the 2007 Holland Hundred. Props to the Continental Grand Prix 4-Seasons...