Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Death Valley Photos

Photos are starting to pop up on the Internet. There are many pictures posted on our Team Site with Photos page. You can click on the link to the right or here to see photos of the DV ride.

This our team photo taken right before the tune-up ride. The Pink Pelotan certainly made a splash in Death Valley.

We also "adopted" several riders (and at least one coach) along the way. Everyone who rode with us for a significant time was presented with a cherry tree sprig, which they all displayed proudly. One of our adoptees was Ian from North Carolina. He actually used to work with Mike Clark many years ago and is Type 1. Ian rode with us most of the day and finished with us. He has a Flickr account and posted some photos which feature the West Michigan team.

From Ian's Flickr page: "As an adopted member of the cherry orchard (West Michigan team), my bike was appropriately decked out with flair."

We may not have been the biggest team in Death Valley, but we were the loudest, the most fun, the most noticeable, and yes, the best.

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