Monday, October 27, 2008

Haiku redux

Due to overwhelming awesome pics and great dialogue, Mike's post fell far down below, and I feel that there is still some creativity just bursting out there, in 5-7-5 format. Plus, I'm bored and want to write poetry with y'all.

From Mike....
Sick of limericks yet? (I am!) Howzabout a haiku?

pink lycra flashing
cherries sparkle in the sun
west michigan rolls on

From me...

ride season complete
how long until november?
team party will rock


Chris R said...

Trained all season long
Raising money for a cause
Made awesome friends, too

club-velo said...

Haikus are easier
to make up than limericks
so I like them more

Tom and Mary Scheidel said...

dawn breaks dark and cool
cherries sparkle in the heat
night falls alcohol

Nicole said...

on a bike i ride
watching katie twitpic more
oh crap, where's her phone?

Katie said...

I want to point out
Ross twitpics as well as I
Everyone should try

Nicole said...

saw guy commuting
on bike wearing shorts today
temp was thirty-three

club-velo said...

call me frankenstein
for I have created a
monster of haiku!

club-velo said...

there once was a team from W. Mich
that could rhyme like a sunuvabitch
they rhymed all day long,
sometimes sang a song....
and entertained Aly and Trish!