Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Excitement check

OK, I'm just wondering:

Am I the only one who's put together a spreadsheet of all the stuff I'm gonna pack, what bag it's going in, and what's gonna be stuffed in to what? And what I need to do before we leave?

We get on the plane in less than 354 hours!


Katie said...

Shouldn't you be helping your wife prepare for her marathon, or something!?

Sorry, did, haven't gotten to making the list yet. I'll get the list making done by 10pm on the 15th, though.

Nicole said...

I started my list last Sunday right before I dropped my bike off at your house, did! I made a big long list of the things that were in my little blue duffel bag, and what I must remember to bring along with me. Now it's on to planning outfits for two evenings in Sin City. Hmmmm....

did said...

Uh, outfits? Were there plans for those evenings that would require... outfits?

Tom and Mary Scheidel said...

Bike jersey
Bike shorts
Bike socks
Bike shoes
Money for "supplies" in Pahrump
Two outfits for Vegas


Cindy said...

No list yet, but the thought process has started. DV Veterns, is there a need for pants out there this time of year or should we only need shorts? Do we go anywhere in Vegas that would require "nicer" clothes?

Katie said...

A pair of sweats to wear to breakfast (even capri ones) might be nice. It's pretty chilly walking over for breakfast at 5:00 am. :-)

I actually think we might have worn jeans/pants in Vegas at night. I remember it being cold and ended up buying a sweatshirt.

club-velo said...

Okay...seriously might need professional help!

Gimme a break! If things go as per usual I'll be packin' @ about 12:00the night before we leave. (Not that I'm recommending that course of action in any way!). Historically we haven't hit any plave in LV w/ much of a dress code (unless they wait 'til I leave to do that - and that's 100% possible!) and it can get a bit cool in both DV and LV if you either stay up long enough or get up early enough. (Both are likely).
Don't forget something to swim in and good shoes for hiking if that's your plan for Friday afternoon!
(And your plaid!)
MC Anxious

Nicole said...

Definitely bring pants--comfy ones for the mornings, and jeans.

Do we want to pick up lunch food for Friday along with our other supplies while in Pahrump? Not that my microwaved Pizza Pocket at the convenience store 20 miles away while being dive-bombed by crows wasn't delicious...just sayin' that maybe having something else (restaurant line at Furnace Creek was ridiculous) handy would be nice.

By the way, was in Vegas a couple of weeks ago and stayed at the Venetian...and we had dinner as a big group one night at 'our' Sunday Night Mexican place. Food was good of course, but their service for our large group SUCKED. I'm hoping it gets fixed before we get there, although our group did get all of our food for free it was so bad (don't worry, we spent plenty on drinks that we did have to pay for).

did said...

Clearly I need purple fleece man-capris.