Monday, October 6, 2008

The (sob!) Last Training Ride of 2008!!!!!

......and it was a grand one! Sunny skies and crisp temps greeted us yesterday as we gathered @ the home of Sara and Lorna "No autographs please" Meinke for the final pre-DV ride of the season. The route, courtesy of Chris "I got'cher hardcore points right'chere!" Radford was challenging w/out being too gnarly and offered something for everyone.

Others in attendance were (in no particular order):

Maggie D, Peggy M, Team Scheidel, Ross S, John J, Cindy A, Brenda B, meself and Spoecial Guests Jeanine fro TC and a pair of Sara's neighbors whose names escape me. (Sorry!)

J2 and I had to split right after the ride but the cookies were good and the rest of the chow looked and smelled great.

No issues to report except for Cindy losin' a cleat bolt and Brenda gettin' a flat. (Any connection to those mechanicals and the 2 of them stayin' out too late the night before are purely theoretical!)

Bikes leave for DV tomorrow and folks leave for DV next Thursday! Hoo-lee cow!

I can't wait!

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Chris R said...

Is it time to schedule the first training ride of 2009? I will be ready and waiting for the triumphant return of the Death Valley Squad!