Friday, October 24, 2008

Me Again!

I know, I know.....I said that I'd shut up and I will..............maybe...............someday. (No promises). I just spent some time back in the Valley courtesy of Katie and Nicole and all the other camera-freaks on the Team and I can't decide whether to laugh or cry.

I was tradin' e-mails w/ Tim St. Clair - just re-cappin' the season, talking about 2009 and such and he said something that kind of hit home. (Nothing new about that!) He said that it seemed like a dream, this Ride to Cure Season of '08 and that he and I are "damn lucky men" to have "gone where we've gone, seen what we've seen and met whom we've met".

I hope you guys know how lucky I feel to be a part of this Team. I don't know where I'd be if I'd said "thanks but no thanks" back in '05 like I had every intention to do. Wherever I'd be - I wouldn't trade it for where I am!

Wherever we ride next year will be great. Although we were (sort of) joking in the airport that cool places are cool 'cuz we're there...............there's a lot of truth in that! Anywhere that I get to hang w/ you guys is a cool place in my book!

Thanks for a great season, let's do it again soon, shall we?


ceningolmo said...


Like our fearless leader once said about his shop (when they won an award), "it's not about the stuff. It's about the staff!".

Same thing in this instance..."it's not about the ride. It's about the riders!"

I just want to go again. Right now! You guys lead and I'll follow...I don't care if it's Death Valley, Killington, Asheville, or around the block. So long as we get to hang out...I'm ready to roll!

Katie said...

Oh, let's all tell Ross we're going to Asheville. ;-)

But, would Jasker in his matching helmet follow?

I'm kidding Ross! I'm the one who decorated your scrapbook for you.

J D Stone said...

This began as a one time deal for me, and as announced at the helmet improvement party, I'm in for next year. Heard many positive comments about our cherry tops, and of course the pancreatic jerseys.

About where to go:

DV is calling me to return and finish the 4 miles I skipped in 08.

But if the team chooses to go elsewhere, then I'm with the team and DV can wait for another year.

But for the team I'd never have made it, and besides that, I like hanging out with you guys, its fun - a little wierd at times, as in painted toe nails, but fun.

Looking forward to seeing you all the 22nd - and tell Mary I've almost perfected the spoon trick!!


Nicole said...

JD, I'll be sure to bring plenty of lemons, as well.