Thursday, October 2, 2008

Death Valley Thoughts

Hey Team! I know that I covered a lot of this in that last e-mail.........just wanted to remind you I guess!

Stuff to send w/ your bike: CO2 cartridges can't be taken w/ you on the plane so pack 'em wit'cher bike if you want to have them in DV. Sending your helmet, shoes and other riding gear (assuming that you can spare it) on the truck means that you won't have to carry it on the plane or check it (and then hafta worry that it makes it!). Your bike needs to have 2 bottle cages (w/ bottles!) and ideally a seat bag w/ your flat tire stuff. (At minimum)

Note - If your bike has any "unusual" needs ( Unique sized tires or tubes, for instance) BRING THEM WITH YOU! (Or send on the truck) The Ride Mechanics may or may not have you covered!

Your bike should be in proper working order before you get there. In my 2 stints this season as Ride Mechanic I've been amazed at the condition of some of the bikes. The folks that are out there busting their butts for us in the Bike Room aren't there to give you a free tune-up. Nor will they have time to do so. They'll have more-than-enough to do assembling shipped bikes and dealing w/ unforeseen repairs.

Ride Day Strategy - We've gone over this so I'm not gonna beat it into the ground but.....I can't emphasize enough how important it will be to STAY HYDRATED!!! It's gonna be 109 degrees in DV today and it ain't gonna cool off all that much in 2 weeks! Your goal is to finish off that 2nd bottle as you roll into EVERY Break Point! You won't want to drink that much, you'll have to make a point to do it. A good trick is to take a swig every time you see someone take one.....or to say "Drinking" every time you do to remind your companions to do so as well. The general rule is that water itself won't be sufficient for the whole day...that you'll need the supplemental electrolytes that you'll get from the Heed or Gator-aid. That's probably accurate, unless you are popping those "E-Tabs" or eating lots of the electrolyte gel chews. ( Clif Bloks, Sharkies, etc). The point is to get them into your system however it works for you.
Other than that - if you ride smart, stay within your limits and keep an eye on your Team Mates....we'll all be fine!

(I'll leave the "Surviving Vegas" seminar to the experts!)

Okay - check out the calendar:
Saturday - Yoga ride and seminar in Saugatuck
Sunday - Team Ride @ Sara-n-Lorna's
Monday - bikes to the Office by 5:00
Next Friday - Last Call Band @ New Holland!
Next Saturday - ColorBurst Tour
Next Sunday - Open day - how did that happen? What should we do?
Saturday 11/22 - E-Nor-Mous End-O-The-Season Bash!

(Hey Did - how's that for a list?)

Ride On!

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Tom and Mary Scheidel said...

After you drop your bikes to the office on Monday head up to Rockford and the Corner Bar. Good food and a 15% donation to the ride team on all food sold between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m.