Friday, October 17, 2008

Death Valley, Pt 1

It's 5:30 am DV time but my body still thinks that we're home and I've been up for a bit. Yesterday was a long day of travel w/ all the frustrations inherent in that statement and yet....the minute we (f-i-n-a-l-l-y !) stepped off the bus into the waiting arms of the desert and our JDRF family....all was way more than well! We're all present and accounted for 'cept Jason from Chicago, he arrives today. We hung by the pool, then hung out on the lawn next to our "dorm", then ate giant burgers under the stars ( Sorry Jack!) then hung some more. All together there was a whole lotta hangin' goin' on!

Today it's the "Tune Up" ride out to Golden Canyon and up the Zabrieske Point. The official ride is to the canyon but I got "clearance from the tower" to take our team up to Zabrieske since all the DV vets told the first-timers that it was not to be missed. Then a hike for some, the pool for others, and a few meetings for your trusty reporter. Tonight's dinner will have a few awards, some cool speakers and a brief discussion about Saturday while enjoying the near-surreal surrounds of the Palm Grove.

I can't wait for tomorrow! I think we're ready. Saturday will tell the tale....and then I'll tell ya'll.

Until then..........................


Chris R said...

Weather report from Michigan - Frost this morning, but sunshine and high near 60. Beautiful weekend for colors. Riding in the desert sounds like a lot more fun, though. Best wishes for an enjoyable ride today and tomorrow!

Linda TP said...

Good luck to all the DV guys will rock the desert! Take lots of pics, and bring home many stories to share with us!