Monday, October 20, 2008


Well...I've noticed a complete lack of pictures so far.  Lame!

I'm stunned...I thought I'd be drowning in pics by now.  So...this is my attempt to call for pics.  JDRF Team photographers, time to make the magic happen!



club-velo said...

My guess as to the explanation for the lack o' pix is that the majority of the pho-togs on the Team were still in Sin City when JD, Mike H, Lin and I hit the tarmac last night @ 7:00. Most of 'em are traveling today (I think) and we oughta have a ton of stuff to look at soon. (Brace yourself for the pix from JD's shower!)

Nicole said...

Sitting with the rest of the team at McCarran right now--hoping to have a bunch uploaded before we board :)

Nicole said...
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Nicole said...

OK, set one here. More coming. :)