Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hardcore Points? Did someone mention "Hardcore Points?

There were plenty o' Hardcore Points for the takin' last night on the final official Velo City Tuesday Night Ride of the season. TeamFolk Ross S, Heather A and meself accompanied by 15 or 16 non-JDRF-ers (or as I prefer to think of 'em - potential Team mates!) rolled out into what APPEARED to be clearing skies and headed south west.



The drizzle machine kicked on pretty much right away....then as we reached the "southern terminus" of the loop it changed over to full on rain. we started back towards Holland south of Saugatuck we had a spell of pretty-dang-awful downpour stuff - the kind where it's hard to see and there's so much water on the road that you hate to draft 'cuz of the spray. 'Twas a wet-n-chilled bunch that convened back @ the shop for pizza!

Despite the aforementioned 'Last Ride of the Season" status....we have decided by popular demand to continue the ride for the month of October (at least!). Still 6:00pm....but we won't have as many groups and front and rear lights are required.

Feel free to join us!

Hope to see everyone this weekend - either @ the Yoga Center for the ride and/or session or at Sara -n-Lorna's ride or both!

Death Valley take-off.......T minus 15 days and counting!


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J D Stone said...

I admit it, I'm a whimp. Got home looked at the increasingly threatening sky and said to myself, hope they have a fun ride.