Thursday, October 23, 2008

was that MSU water bottle stolen?!

..... Nope!

After I threw it at Nicole's spokes (missed her, darn it!), my Spartan water bottle had a hole in it. At Mormon Point, we came to realize there was a hole, and no amount of duct tape was going to stop the water.

This nice woman said she'd trade me hers since she was on a tandem and wasn't going up Jubilee Pass. They came and got their water bottle back from me after I crossed the finish line. They said they had mine in their room and I could get it from them. I told them to keep it. ;-)



Nicole said...

Maybe I shoulda left it on the side of the road in the desert after you tried to sabotage my ride, cuz.

John J said...

Katie, sorry that my duct tape job did not save your Spartan bottle. I know how much it meant to you.

club-velo said...

Throwin' bottles @ team mates ?!?!?! That's gonna cost ya some "naughty points" @ the next Team Flogging!