Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday Ride Report

There was a decent smattering of JDRF-ers amongst the 20-odd riders that showed up for an impromptu ride from Velo City yesterday. Present and accounted for were John J, Ross S, Derek D, Linda and my-own self. The weather was scary-good......82 degrees (IE 18 or so less than later this week!) and the wind was hopefully similar. We had a great ride - 47 miles around Hutchin's Lake w/ a stop @ Kilwins in Saugatuck for ice cream.

There's an ice cream stop 'tween Ashford Mill and Mormon Point, isn't there? Or did I dream that?

I don't recall EVER being more pumped for a Ride than I have been for the last 2 weeks or so! I CANNOT WAIT to see the Valley again and to meet up w/ everyone from our Team and everyone from "our" bigger Team as well............'cuz let's face it....everyone there this weekend is a Team Mate, if one we haven't met yet. Let's remember that when we get out there and try hard to remind folks why the West Michigan Team has made such an impact on the Program and folk's memories! (IE......everyone comin' across the line gets a cheer and maybe even a hug!) (Yep...even if they're all sweaty!)

I'm looking forward to seein' a buncha smiling faces and blue Team Tees @ the airport!

Until then.............(unless you have a question or anything else I can help you with).........have a great week, focus on hydration and getting some rest!



Katie said...

Your giddiness is contagious.

I'm pumped, now to make it through the next three days without coming down with whatever took out the rest of the Clarks in my house.

Nicole said...

I'm telling you, Kate. Quarantine them.

club-velo said...

I agree w/ absolute and total quarantine is the obvious answer. DO NOT attempt to get on a long skinny metal tube full of re-cycled air and full of your teammies and breathe a buncha Martian Death Flu germs all over us!

The good news is that is there is a place that's right for gettin' rid of a bug - it's where we're headin'!

Still - a HAZMAT suit ain't a bad idea. (Sorry Steve!)


did said...

Bleach... your children well... (with apologies to Crosby Stills Nash & Young)


Nicole said...

It's Steve's fault that they're all sick. He brought all those germies back from his trip to Mexico last week!!

club-velo said...