Monday, August 4, 2008

Awesome Day!

What a wonderful day yesterday! After the last riders had to pack up and depart, I shared with John that this day has become my favorite day of the year. It is the one day of the year, for me, that everyone I am surrounded by truly knows first hand or understands what it is like to live with Type 1 diabetes. I am so inspired by the kids that do what is required to manage their diabetes, in awe of the parents that are there to support them and so grateful for all the others that just want to help us find a cure! As Tom Scheidel said yesterday, all these kids grow up and the diabetes does not go away. So, thank you to everyone that came out yesterday and is dedicated to our common cause. Coach Mike, your proved again yesterday what makes you a world class JDRF coach; you led the early ride, led the main ride, managed a downed rider, and then went back out to ride in with the rest of the team. Personally, I can't believe how far this team has come since 2005! I can't wait to be back on the road with you in 2009. To all of you headed to Asheville - ride safe and ride strong knowing you are part of Team West MI!


Chris R said...

Thank you for hosting a fabulous after-party! The pool, the scenery, the great friends - in addition to helping find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes and we get these benefits, too. Looking forward your return as a rider in 2009!

John J said...

Ann, once again you and John hosted a terrific pool party. Thank you so much! I'm hoping you are back in Death Valley next year with us. John and Janet