Friday, August 8, 2008

"A Good Day to be From West Michigan"

That's a quote from Brian Bowe's Twitter site, by the way.

And so it's a taste:

2 guys that we came up on during our short warm-up ride saying to Brian "You guys are the WEST MICHIGAN TEAM!?!?!? Sorry to be slowing down the WEST MICHIGAN PELOTON!"

Jack Clark bringin' the room to tears w/ his humble lil' "Why I do this" speech after dinner.

The whole Team absolutely cloggin' the (wide!) hallway w/ our Team Meeting -n-Helmet party.

Brock Ryan (the Ride Medic) getting into our circle as we went around the group introducing ourselves and saying "I'm Brock and I just wanna be adopted! This is awesome!"

Realizing that the next largest team here (after us w/ 24) has 4 riders.

Your trusty scribe being honored w/ the Yellow Jersey as best recruiter in what had to have been a miscount.

It's been a wicked awesome weekend and we've yet to ride more than 10 miles or so. The weather is perfect, our new friends and team mates are great and I can't wait 'til tomorrow!

Everybody's talkin' 'bout JDRF's Coolest Team!

Stay tuned!



Nicole said...

Holy cow, I LOVE the realtime updates on Brian's Twitter (you're listening to FERGIE!?! Please tell me it's not 'Big Girls Don't Cry'), and the blog posts to make those of us who are insanely jealous of all 24 of y'all this weekend feel a bit more connected to this amazing experience you're all undertaking. Keep it coming...we're watching.

Brian J. said...

sadly, it was "Fergielicious." In retrospect, it was a good choice -- I pedaled extra fast to get far, far away from that lameness.