Monday, August 4, 2008

Tweet Tweet

For those of you who wondered what the Sam Hill I was doing with my cell phone every time we stopped yesterday, I was microblogging on my Twitter site. Twitter's the new hotness -- 140-character blog posts, intended for bite-sized little updates called "tweets."

I've just been messing around with Twitter, and I thought it would be a good way to chronicle my ride in Asheville. So my intention is to post updates from the rest stops. Unless I don't feel like it (in which case, I won't).

(Note: if you look at my Twitter site, you'll notice my super-impressive ride home with Jasker, MC and Heather had a less-than-impressive ending. I needed to drink way more than I was, and I ended up having to be picked up from the coffee shop in Saugatuck. But at least I tried....)

1 comment:

John J said...

Brian, nice twitter notes. Your last comment was the best; "at least I tried". You and Heather are great to ride with. I'm grateful you have chosen JDRF for your cycling and fundraising efforts. Have a blast in Asheville and remember it's not how far you ride it's how fun you make those miles you do.