Saturday, August 30, 2008

Quick Whitefish Report

I should be in bed. I hafta get up in 4 1/2 hours to drive a SAG Wagon while 115 riders enjoy a perfect day out here in MT. I was on the way too, really I was, and then I got to thinking about tonight's dinner, and some of the things that were said and I just had to tell you guys before I crashed.

It never ceases to amaze me - the power and feeling behind the stuff that folks say from behind that podium. I'm not talking about what Tim St. Clair says, or me, or any of the JDRF Ride Staff. After all...we know we're gonna hafta get up there, we know it's part of the gig, y'know? I'm talkin' about when a rider (like our man Jack in A-Ville) gets up there. Someone that maybe doesn't talk to big groups all that often, if ever. Someone that they'd refer to as "jes folks" back where I come from. That's what's keeping out of that very inviting bed behind me......that's what I wanna tell you about.

Bear with me, okay?

A guy named Dan White from Maryland won the Yellow Jersey for recruiting the most riders. (10!!!) He told us that what he tells prospective riders is that we're gonna cure this damn thing and when it happens.............he's offering them a chance to be able to say, when someone asks "Who cured Diabetes?", 'We did".

Think about that for a sec, team mates. That's what we'll be able to say as well. Everyone knows that Sark cured polio.....but we'll know that we helped cure Type 1. We helped cure it for Jack, for Eddie Jasker, for Katie and Ellie, for Sophie and her Grandparents, for Lorna and David and Adam and everyone else that we know that's been touched by diabetes.

We helped do that. You helped do that. We'll do it together and we'll do it by ourselves and we'll do it in the saddle and on the phone and at meetings and Walks and about a million other damn things but's gonna happen and when it does.......

We helped do it.

Any questions about why you guys rock?

It's 2:10 am where you guys are and I hope that you are all asleep and things are great @ your house and in your lives 'cuz you deserve it. It's not fair that I get to come to Rides w/out you all and as much as I love to do it it ain't the same w/out you guys here w/ me so I cannot wait 'til there's a a bunch of us out in Death Valley! Sleep well, have a great ride this Sunday - I'll be thinking about you as I re-pack all those bikes that I just got unpacked yesterday and I'll be wishing that I was riding w/you guys.

I'll try to post a post-ride report tomorrow but don't hold me to that...there's lots to do!

You guys rock and I'm honored to be a member of this Team and the Ride to Cure Program.

Thanks for all you do!


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Katie said...

Awesome! Now to read your Ride report...