Thursday, August 21, 2008

MOST bestest!

So, who all's coming up to Montague to ride on Sunday? Looks like great weather, and I think they'll have excellent routes - probably some of the same roads we did for the Great Northern Ride a few
weeks ago, and also a lot we didn't do. Registration time is between 8 and 10; anyone got a time preference?



club-velo said...

I'll be there! I prefer an early start time but I'm not hell-bent on havin' to get outta bed @ 6:00am so I'd be good w/ 8:30 or 9:00.

Hopefully we'll have other representation from the Holland Area branch of the Team.


Nicole said...

I know I should be on the 'duh' list of people going...but I'm actually visiting my daddy-o on the east side this weekend. Going to gauge it and see if I can sneak out of there early on Sunday and make the trek to Montague for the MOST. Steve and I rode some of the GNR route a couple of weeks ago--Derek's road markings are still there. Even at the top of Mt. "whew!"

Katie said...

We'll be there. Probably not until a 9a start time though. Gotta drops kiddos off at nonny & poppy's house.

Hmm... anyone up for a dip in White Lake after the ride? My parents house/beach are open if interested. They are about 3 miles from NBC Middle School.

did said...


I think I'll get over to the school fairly early, and I'll just hang out and accumulate people until we have enough to form... The Pink Pancreas Peloton!

club-velo said...'s my vote. If we gotta wait 'til 9:00 to have the pleasure and honor of havin' 2 more Clarks in the Pink Peloton then I say "9:00 it is!" Is everyone thinking of doin' 75? I thik it'd be a blast to ride together.
Be sure to wear either the pink or your Ride jersey!

Hollandfolk......gimme a shout about car pooling!


Rob A said...

I say we wear the Pancrei jerseys...and LEAVING at 9:00 sounds good (yes, that exaggerated LEAVING is for my own use too as I am almost always running late).
If anyone wants to carpool from GR let me know.