Monday, August 4, 2008

'Nother Great Ride, 'Nother great Day!

Man, the hit's just keep on comin', y'know? Yesterday's ride took place on the perfect day and at the perfect place! Thank's again and again to our hosts, John and Ann O'Connor for their hospitality, food and the perfect setting. When the 8 of us "early bird riders" rolled up it was pink jerseys as far as we could see! I never was able to get a head-count but I'm willing to take a shot @ it right now......apologies if I missed you! (I'm a little sun-baked!)

Tom and Mary
Herb and Brenda
Scott and Linda
John and Janet
Brian and Heather
Steve and Katie
Trike Mike
Kevin O
Lin and I.................that might be it.

We did a 45 mile loop from Ann's, heading south then working around past Hutchin's Lake, into Feenville, across the iconic New Richmond Bridge, over to Saugatuck, through Douglas and back. The only "down" note was when Sara and David wiped out on those horrible RR tracks south of Fennville. He was okay but she might've done some significant damage to her shoulder (and cracked her helmet). Lin and I went back for the van while Chris waited w/ her. Hopefully she'll have good news for us today!

Back @ the ranch it was as much sun, snacks, cool clear pool water and fellowship as you could handle! We hung out all afternoon w/ our numbers bolstered by the arrival of many more members of our Team's extended famiily. Then, as goodbye's were exchanged and coolers re-packed a few of us fools "chamoised up" for the ride back to Holland.

All in all...........(except for the crash)...a perfect day!

Man, hard to believe that this week is Asheville! Your guys have worked hard and we are ready! I can't wait. I'll see everyone either down there, here at the shop when you drop off your bike or @ the Team Ride! (8/17 from Joe Schmieder's in Ada)

You guys are the BEST! Thanks for all you're doing. Let's go have a great time in NC!


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ZipMike said...

You did leave one out. We had Marlin show up 1/4 into the ride and depart about 3/4 into the ride. I hadn't met him before but enjoyed visiting with him at one of the stops.
I guess he bought one of the jerseys at the Holland Hundred and decided to join up with the group. I hear he works for HM, but I won't hold that against him.