Monday, August 18, 2008

We came, we rode, we ate, we hung out...........

Yep, that we did! 'Twas a nice group that gathered @ Joe Schmeider's crib in Ada yesterday for a "hilly" little 45 miler. The weather was perfect, the route was a hoot and we had a ton of fun.

Roll Call:
Lin and I and
Special Guest and Prospective New Rider Tom Miller.

The burgers, dawgs, beans and various dips and salsas went down plenty fine afterwards as the Asheville contingent shared tales of huge climbs and even bigger fun last weekend.

It was extra-cool to see so many of our Asheville riders there.....keepin' their DV-bound fellows honest and working.

The ride scheduled to be hosted by Sara and Lorna in Cannonsburg this Sunday has been switched to 9/21 ro give both of them more time to recover from their respective injuries. As a result we decided yesterday to encourage the Team to ride the "MOST" Tour up in North Muskegon. The ride leaves from Nellie B. Chisholm Middle School in Montague and registration is from 8-10am. There are 25, 50 and 75 mile routes, lunch is provided and there are other food stops as well. Your 20 bux gets you a water bottle too! Let's talk this week about car pools and such and be sure to wear your 'Team Pink" kit!

More details @ or you can e-mail Bill Shouman (Melanie's Bro-in-Law!) @

I have apps here @ the shop too.

So...let's make a big fuss up @ this ride this weekend. The following Sunday (the 31st) we're having a ride from the Grand River Grocery in Ada hosted by Sarah Andro and her clan. I'll be in Whitefish but I'll be wishin' I was ridin' wit'choo guys! (Trust me! By Sunday morning I'll be up to my ears in bikes to re-pack for shipping home!)

TEE-SHIRT RE-ORDER IN PROGRESS - SPEAK NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE! I'm gonna order a small run of the wicked hot West Mich Team Tee so lemme know if you wanna get in on it. Cost will be $7-ish per shirt and based on the splash they made in Asheville you might be able to sell a shirt or 3 either in DV or 'tween now and then maybe. Contact me at

THIS JUST IN! CHECK IT OUT! Our Team keeps rackin' up the press coverage as the rest of the world s-l-o-w-l-y figures out that we're the Right Stuff. Check out this article on Death Valley Vets Paul and Kathy:

Thanks again for everything that each and every one of you has added to our Team and the Program! You all Rock w/ a capital "R" and it was cool to see down in A-ville that everyone else in the JDRF universe is figuring that out!

Be well, ride safe and ride lots!


did said...

WAHOOO! A team ride where I don't even have to start my car, let alone drive anywhere! Nellie B. Chisholm (just call it NBC, everyone up here does) is about a mile from my house!


Nicole said...

I wonder if Katie has any crazy antics from her middle school days at NBC to share with us on the ride on Sunday...that could be some good entertainment.

Linda said...

Darn! Scott and I were planning on coming, but I received a call from my parents yesterday morning and my mom was taken to the hospital with a heart problem, so we needed to help out with that. She is ok, but we are bummed we missed you guys.
I have received a gift certificate for a 30 minute massage for each person on our team. These are from a salon called Heidi Christines. They have a 30 day expiration, so I want to get them to anyone that wants one. Right now I have one for each person who rode in Asheville. I just need to figure out how to get them to each of you!

club-velo said...

WHA-HOO!just bring them little goodied up to Montague wit'cha on Sunday and pass 'em out! Awesome!
(I guess we oughta keep Linda and Scott on the Team - what say you all?)

ZipMike said...

Sorry I didn't make it to the ride. It just doesn't seem right to drive for an hour or two round trip for a bike ride. Afterall, I'm trying to drive less! Muskegon's definately out for me - it's over 2 hours round trip.
I did however ride 47 over the weekend from home down to Plainwell and then out to Gun Lake. My new 100 oz. Camelback I stuffed in the back was way better than juggling bottles. This weekend I'll probably ride out West past Dorr, back through town and South again - maybe past Plainwell. We'll see.