Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fun ride this weekend

Here's a chance for Asheville riders to do something completely different than last weekend. The 5 x 55 is a completely FLAT ride and only half the distance of the Asheville route. Plus there are adult beverages along the way. We will be assembling at the eastern end of the Musketawa Trail near Marne. Click here for a link to the trail web site and then click on the MAPS link. Assemble time is 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, August 16. Roll out is 12 noon. The sun sets at 8:46 p.m. so we want to start on time. Now you may be asking yourself "Eight and a half hours to do a 55 mile flat ride? What's up with that?" Well, on the way out we will be stopping at Fenian's Irish Pub in Conklin and the Ravenna Pub in Ravenna. The turnaround point is the Dog House Tavern in Muskegon. On the way back we hit the Ravenna Pub and Fenian's again. So bring some cash for food and drink. You may also want to bring a lock. Remember this is a self supported ride. No SAG, no massages, no women with hillbilly teeth. But it will be big fun. Use the comment area to let us know if you plan on coming. This is NOT an official JDRF event, so feel free to pass the word to other friends and riders.
See you Saturday.


club-velo said...

No wimmin with them thar good-lookin' teeth?!?!?!?!

What in tarnation is the point ov this hyar lil' ride then, can ya tell me thayt?

Mountain Mike

Katie said...

Steve & Katie Clark will be there.

did said...

did's prolly gonna be there.


Chris R said...

Julie and I are planning on being there. Asked Brother and Sister to come - bring kids Not sure we will do the whole ride. Should be fun.

Cindy said...

I'll be there, it sounds like a great time!

did said...

5 x what now? I had 77.5 miles at the end of this rolling party!

That was way, way, WAY fun!


Tom and Mary Scheidel said...

I hope everyone had a good time at the 5 x 55 ride yesterday. Posted a recap on
And there are photos at