Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kickin' Asheville!

Well, it was basically a perfect day down here for the entire Ride Program and our team. Perfect weather ....basically a late-September day for this area.....temps in the 80's, little wind, low humidity, partly cloudy................PERFECT! A huge % of our team mates achieved their mileage goals w/ Brian, Linda, Scott P, Scott R and Chris all rackin' up their first-ever centuries and virtually everyone comin' across the line "safe, sound and smiling". We do have the "honor" of having the only broken bone of the entire Ride - Illinois transplant Nick Dunn went down on some gravel and busted his wrist. (At least that's the early diagnosis). His great attitude was not damaged in the least however and we'll see him again.

The powerful emotions of the weekend have been working their magic on everyone...we are closer to each other, have many new friends and I'm sure that we've recruited new riders.

I'm sure that there'll be plenty more to read and view............we'll all have tons of stories to share @ the next coupla Team Rides and plenty more to say on various blogs. It's been kind of a long day, we just got outta the hot tub and I'm ready to hit the sack - gotta l-o-n-g drive tomorrow!

Thanks for reading, thanks for caring, thanks for being a part of this crazy-cool thing that we're building!

Yours, MC


John J said...

Congtatulations to ALL of you Asheville riders, volunteers and MC too! Brian you rock and your twitters brought tears to my eyes. John

Tom & Mary Scheidel said...
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Tom and Mary Scheidel said...

As supporters, not riders, at the Asheville ride, it was truly an awesome to observe first hand the West Michigan Team. The first thing one noticed was all the blue shirts at dinner. And all the blue shirts clogging the hall way at the pre-ride team meeting. And all the blue shirts piled together next to the hot tub. And after the blue shirts were put away the cherry trees came out. Seeing all the sparkling cherry trees on the coolest team's helmets on ride day was great. But probably the most impressive thing was the end of the ride. As the last riders came across the finish line, no matter what chapter they were from, it was the West Michigan Team that was there cheering their finish, ringing cow bells, and handing out hugs, cold towels and beer. This weekend made us, once again, proud to be members of the West Michigan Team. Congratulations to everyone who rode in Asheville.