Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sunday Ride

Hey all...I'm going to do a ride tomorrow afternoon from my house. So, for those of you who didn't get to have any fun in Asheville...come on over and ride with me!

I'm thining about something in the early afternoon. But, I'm open to moving that around to suit the needs of the people who want to attend. The earliest I could go would be about 11AM. And, I'm willin to go as late as is needed.

If we have a few people who are interested in 60sih miles, we could do the route from my house out to Grand Haven and back.

Comment on here or email me - ceningolmo @ if you are interested.


John J said...

Ross, count me in. Let me know what time to arrive. John

ceningolmo said...

J2 and I went out and did about 65 miles and had a ton of fun. Wasn't quite the same without the rest of the team...but, a lot of fun anyway.

Thanks J2

did said...

Sorry I missed ya - I was driving back from Illinois with my fam. Got some nice riding in down there in the cornfields, though.