Sunday, August 31, 2008

Team Ride Report, Last Day o' August

OK, first off, we had:

Jack C.
Scott P.
Linda T-P.
Dawn W.
Chris R.
Ross S.
John J.
Cindy A.
and, appearing for the first time, Kris C, all the way from Flint!

Now, please note that, counting Cindy in each group, Asheville riders outnumbered Death Valley riders 6-5! That's awesome, and a total testament to the way of this team that riders who are "done" for the year keep coming out to the team rides!

We met at Grand River Grocery, where we were hosted by Sarah Andro (with special guest Sophie and designated Team Baby Hazel). We got a bit of a late start, thanks to your humble scribe, here, who really ought to inspect his slowly-leaking rear tire in broad daylight rather than a dim garage. Sarah rescued me by stealing a tire from someone elses bike (Rob, I owe you a tire).

Anywho, we managed anywhere from 30-ish to 50-ish fairly hilly miles south of Ada, and returned to Grand River Grocery for really awesome burgers off the grill, and a whole mess of fixins, and then spent a couple of hours doing the team thing on the patio there.

Next week we'll be hosted by Cindy from her home in Cedar Springs, doing 62 miles. Rumor has it that we'll hit Fisk Knob on this adventure. And we'll have our coach back to keep us in line!


club-velo said...

Glad to see that Jack made it......there was some doubt for awhile!

Sorry I missed it......sounds like a hoot!

See you guys soon....MC

Katie said...

Sorry we missed. Just couldn't rangle all the things I wanted to do on the holiday into getting done.

Jack said...

Thanks Sarah! The veggie burgers were AWESOME. Perfect day, if a little warm...

club-velo said...

I don't know how much "keeping you guys in line" I'll be up for given that I'm ridin' ODRAM the day before but I'll be there!

Wouldn't miss it!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like I missed another great ride. I'll try and make some of the longer rides in the final prep for DV. Looking forward to it.

Don Milo